If you thought that finding your dream wedding dress was going to be a challenge, wait till you start looking for bridesmaid dresses. Many a bride has lost her cool while hunting for the perfect frocks. There are too many factors to be considered: from what style and colour would suit the whole bridal party, to whether the dress you do like fits within the budget. And if you’re lucky enough to find a dress that you love, there’s a very high chance that one of the bridesmaids won’t like it and would send you off again on a never-ending hunt for the elusive perfect gown.

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So, is this to be the fate of every soon-to-be-bride? Fretting over the bridesmaid dress, and worrying that their wedding day would be ruined because they are not on point? It doesn’t have to be. Follow our pro tips to help you find the perfect bridesmaid dress without having to rip out your hair or, worse yet, end up having a fistfight with one of your friends!

Keep The Bride’s Dress In Mind

A simple way to narrow down on colours and styles for bridesmaid dresses is to start with the bride’s ensemble as the focal point. Using the bride’s dress as inspiration, look for styles and colours that complement it. The idea here is to tie your dress to your bridesmaids, for a look that flows organically and does not sound like you just forced two completely different styles to interlace forcibly. Remember that, for your wedding pictures to turn out amazing, you and your bridesmaids need to look good together.

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Talk to them

It is a good idea to talk with your bridesmaids and get a clear understanding of what they are comfortable with wearing. Remember: compromise is essential. So, instead of being a bridezilla who scares her bridesmaids into agreeing with her choice, work towards coming to a common solution that works for everyone. Another great option is to allow your bridesmaids to pick different styles of mostly the same outfit. For instance, let’s say you decide to go for a silk dress in a pale pink shade. Allowing your bridal party to pick out whether they want a halter-neck, off-shoulder, or a spaghetti strap option will give them some freedom over choosing the style that they feel suits them the best. The result would be that your bridesmaids are all wearing the same dress, with slight differences to make each one subtly unique.

Consider The Wedding Décor and Theme

Another important thing to consider is the wedding décor. What vibe are you going for with the wedding décor? Is it going to be a formal affair or a more casual, intimate occasion? All these factors play into picking the perfect bridesmaid dress. Also, what about the theme for the wedding? Is it a spring wedding or a winter wedding? Is the wedding décor going to be colourful or are you sticking with a more conservative look? You need to remember that the dresses need to go with the wedding décor.

Stick to The Budget

Whether you are paying for the bridesmaid dresses or having someone else pay for it, you need to come up with a reasonable budget and stick to it. Talk to the payer to find out what their ideal budget is. The last thing you want to do is pick an expensive bridesmaid dress that is way out of the budget. Weddings are expensive affairs, so being very cautious with your spending is crucial. Having a fixed budget will also help you narrow down your choices and find the dress much quicker.

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Pick The Right Shade and Fabric

Consider your bridesmaid’s’ body type, skin tone, and hair colour when choosing the dresses. Shades that look great on someone with an olive skin tone might make someone else with a pale skin tone looks washed out. Similarly, colours that look great on a blond or a brunette may not necessarily work well for a redhead. Also, the type of fabric can make or break an outfit. Silk and satin are the most popular options for traditional weddings, but if you’re going for a more bohemian look, you might want to experiment with cotton or other natural fabrics that have a more rustic look to them. As for body type, be aware that different styles work for different body types. So, your job should be to find that one style that looks good on all your bridesmaids, with their various body types, skin tones, and hair colours.

Ask for Your Party’s Opinions

Be sure to include your bridesmaids in the dress selection process, getting their suggestions and inputs every step of the way. Making them feel involved and a part of the wedding is essential. They are your support system. So, show them how much they mean to you by ensuring that you listen to their opinions and make an effort to find a dress that every one of them likes.

Do A Mock Photoshoot

This is an excellent pro tip: do a mock photo shoot with your bridesmaids to get an idea of what the dresses will look like in the picture. You don’t want to pick a gorgeous shade of pastel green, only for it to show up as a dull grey in the wedding photos. So, doing a mock photo shoot is a superb idea to avoid such unpleasant surprises later on. You can just use your phone to click some pictures and see if the colour of the dress translates well onto the photos.

Now Go and Find Your Dress!

Honestly, finding the perfect wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses is easily half the battle won when it comes to wedding prep. Following these pointers and having them as a guideline will help you in your hunt for the perfect one. And, lesser time spent hunting for the bridesmaid dresses means more time for other wedding prep work – such as cake tasting – so yay!


It was the annual family Thanksgiving party. This time Joan and I wanted the party to be simple yet educating to our kids and youngsters. Also, we wanted to revive our age-old traditions of happy and healthy living in the party. Organising such a customised theme party demanded meticulous planning, broad party venues ideas, and sound knowledge on traditional Thai lifestyle.

Having settled down in Australia for generations, the Pinya family traditional practices have become almost rare. Hence, Joan wanted to restore our family values in an Australian party style. The kids not only got to enjoy the fun of a typical Australian party with Arcade and Carnival games but were also exposed to rich vegetarian Thai cuisine, Thai music and traditional dance and floral décor. I am happy to say that the party was the most memorable Thanksgiving party ever.

Carnival Meals, Buffet and Seated Dining

To match our theme, the event and hire organised the tastiest and healthiest carnival meals for the party. It was a well-planned buffet along with seating arrangements for the evening to provide a comfortable dining experience. The venue was embellished with a gorgeous white and red marquee Thai floral decoration. On top, the tables and chairs also had floral themed décor, which added a flattering look to the venue.

Vegetarian & Gluten Free Meal Buffet

The vegetarian and gluten-free dinner options for the party were perfect. Joan enjoyed the spring vegetables Thai green curry. It is the best Thai dish we ever had. My son had the finest Southwestern Kale power salad with sweet potato. The Quinoa & Avocado sauce complemented well with the colourful beet salad and carrot rice. For the main course, we were served the tastiest gluten free Quinoa & Spinach along with Thai pineapple fried rice. For more options, spicy sweet potato with green rice burrito bowls and Thai mango cabbage wraps with crispy tofu and peanut sauce were also on the menu. For the third course, we had a strawberry Kale salad with nutty garnish.


Carnival and Arcade Games

We selected a “healthy living and happy life” theme for the party, with vegetarian Thai cuisine. To make the party more enjoyable, the event and hire team brought us the best of Carnival and Arcade games like Balloon Darts, Dinosaur Dig, Penny Pitch, Ball Toss, Toy car chase, contra, Ms Pac Man, and Super Mario Bros. The evening was thoroughly planned at the famous adventure park of the town. We had the best fun ever, adults were taken back to their period of arcade games, and kids were simply overwhelmed with joy.

Carnival Performers and Musical Entertainment

The party was popped up with the best carnival dance and musical performance of the town. It was a delightful evening where all the members of the party danced and had the best fun ever. The music of the night was selected by the elderly guests as it best reflected our culture. The entire evening got filled with energy and the momentum of Thai living. Did you know, we even had a special Zumba session organised for our guests to emphasise the importance of fun and activity in our lives? All the guests were complimenting the Zumba session.

Show bags & Gifts Bags

To add more fun to the party, we also had a kid show bags counter and decorated DIY gift bag set for the guests. We also gave each family an earthen pot painted by the children in the Pinya family to represent the practice of drinking water from the pots. Studies prove that water stored in earthen pots acts as a good coolant to the body as well as a warehouse of rich minerals. The guests appreciated the innovative efforts taken by the kids.


The elders in the party participated in teaching our kids the value of the Pinya traditional culture and how the practices have to be altered to adapt to the changes we undergo in our lives. A mixture of all the important aspects of the family’s traditions blended with the need for an active and healthy living made the entire day not only memorable but also instructive by sharing knowledge.


Thanks to the patient planning and coordination of the Event and Hire team. They helped us through each and every step of making the family Thanksgiving party the same as we had pictured in our mind.