The Best Lighting Tips for Your Themed Wedding

When it comes to choosing the lighting for your wedding, it is ideal to keep your theme and venue firmly in mind. While lighting options can be very versatile, some are better suited to particular themes or can be styled in ways which best reflect those themes. For example, fairy lights are a popular choice, no matter the theme, but the way they are used to brighten the venue can make a difference to the effect of your chosen theme and overall atmosphere.


beach wedding

A beautiful beachside wedding involves using lighting to showcase the natural elements of your venue. Light for a beach wedding is highly dependent on the time of day the wedding is taking place. Of course, during the day you will have the beautiful natural radiance of the sun. The time surrounding sunset will be spectacular if your wedding transitions from day to night. Just before sunset reaches its conclusion, turn the lights on for a romantic transformation. Wondering where to get all those fairy lights? You can use a hiring service like Bespoke lighting to reduce costs of your wedding ceremony.

Tiki lights are an attractive option for a beach-themed wedding. They lend the feeling of having escaped to a tropical island and therefore have strong ties to a seaside theme in particular. They have the beauty of being low-key rather than glitzy and that is why they are ideal for a natural setting. Tiki lights are an excellent choice for lining the aisle in the sand.

Alternatively, you could use paper bag lights along the sand, but keep in mind these will give off light closer to the ground. A very pretty effect, but it depends how much light you require them to give off.

Cotton ball string lights can be strung to a tree and spanned out like an invisible tepee or marquee. If you have fair weather, this idea can be utilized instead of a ceremony arch, or on a larger scale as the main area for guests to mingle in. This is like having an open-air tent!


If your central theme for your wedding is a particular colour, you may choose to utilise that colour in table decorations and flowers, while keeping the lighting simple and neutral. Alternatively, you could keep the other decorations more neutral and use lighting to highlight your colour of choice. Or, go all out and make it all colourful! The best ways to incorporate your colour theme into the lighting are to opt for coloured bulbs or coloured light fixtures.

Coloured festoon lighting is a great way to highlight a particular colour as the theme of your wedding and if you also want to achieve a party or festival feel. However, keep in mind that this could pose a challenge for your photographer.

Paper lanterns in your choice of colour are a very pretty choice for a wedding. They create a playful and happy atmosphere for your guests. If you don’t want an overload of colour, you could alternate rows of coloured paper lanterns with white paper lanterns.

Using tealight candles on the tables in coloured glass jars or candle holders is a beautiful way to incorporate your theme colour into the lighting. This is a more understated option but can become the star feature of your table settings.

A very pretty way to add your theme colour to the lighting is to focus on how the lights are hung. You could hang tea light holders from their handles using strips of coloured chiffon or coloured ribbons. This looks especially delightful in an outdoor wedding and is no less pretty during the daytime, if your wedding transitions from day to night.


Rustic barn weddings are very popular now. Barns are such versatile venues and offer excellent features for decoration. The presence of rafters mean there is usually a considerable scope for imagination and many possibilities for where to hang the lights to enhance the ambience of your wedding.

Chandeliers or other larger, hanging lights are ideal to fill the cavernous roof space that is common to barns. The contrast of romantic lighting with the backdrop of a barn is enticing and makes the barn feel more intimate.

Hanging string lights down the walls emphasise the beautiful features and grains in the wood and lend a sense of the ethereal. You could also try wrapping them around the timber supports or the rafters.

Hurricane lamps with tealights can enhance that rustic feel in your table settings. They are an unexpected, and yet cosy form of lighting.
Industrial lighting is a great choice if that embodies your idea of the rustic theme, rather than the more romantic lighting options. It can provide an interesting contrast to pretty flower arrangements.


Having an outdoor bohemian wedding allows for a lot of flexibility when it comes to proper lighting. It is also a very popular choice because of the free-spirited ambience, the flexibility in wedding planning and the ability to arrange a marriage on a smaller budget.

A fire pit is beautifully bohemian and creates that relaxed campfire feel.

Lanterns are ideal for an outdoor wedding in many forms. Strings of white paper lanterns from trees create an ethereal atmosphere that draws the guests’ attention to the night sky. Using mismatched coloured glass lanterns hung from tree branches are festive and highlight the free-spirited nature of the bohemian.

On the tables, try putting floating candles in tall jars. You can also put flowers floating below the candles which beautifully enhances the effect.

If there is a pond at your venue, then you are very lucky! You can utilise floating lanterns. Whether in the form of lotus flowers or simple cube-shaped lanterns in white, floating lanterns can really transform the venue.

Fairy lights wound through trees is a classic lighting feature of outdoor weddings because of their prettiness and can be used in combination with any of the other lighting suggestions we have included here for an outdoor bohemian wedding.


If your wedding is glamour themed, look for the most glitz in your lighting fixtures. Pairing sparkles, gold or silver with simple white will create an elegant venue with plenty of wow-factor.

Glitter coated candles are a fabulous and striking addition to table settings, as the light from the candles reflects off the glitter.

Light drops with crystals hanging below them are a delicate way to achieve a glamorous feel through lighting.

Silver and gold candle holders are a simple and effective way to dress up your table settings without overwhelming your guests.

And now for the best of all glamorous lighting options, be tempted by gilded chandeliers. These draw the eye upward, creating an uplifting and graceful atmosphere for your guests. Try finding some vintage chandeliers from thrift stores for an old-world glamour feel.

As you can see, it is often about how you use the lighting to complement your theme, rather than being limited by just one or two options. Get creative and you will enjoy a beautifully-lit wedding.

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