Lawn Care Guide: Get Rid of Brown Patch Lawn Disease

What is it and Why this Disease Attack Your Lawn?

Brown patch disease is the most destructive fungal disease caused by Rhizoctonia. This disease can affect the grass in both seasons, as it can attack a broad range of greens. It can completely destroy approximately all turf in just one night. It mainly hurts the grass blades. In sweltering summer days, when the temperature reaches between 65° to 80° (at the peak of humidity), it became the most active.
Excess water supply or rapid rain can cause fungal growth. This is the most common disease in the cold environment. In cold season this fungal disease can destroy the whole lawn.
The appearance of circle shaped brown patches all over the lawn is the indication of a fungal attack on the lawn. Attacked leaves retain the upright position. Brown border, irregular shape and tan coloured leaves are primary symptoms of this disease.

How to Get Rid of Brown Patch Disease:

Unnecessary water supply can be dangerous for the proper health of your lawn. But what should you do to get the fungal disease away from your lawn, if it has already occurred?

  • 1. First and foremost, professional help is paramount. Call some experienced and fully trained gardening services and get things done properly.
  • 2. Fungus loves water. So decrease the water supply.
  • 3. Mow the lawn at a recommended height.
  • 4. Properly fertilise your garden. The unhealthy and weak grass is highly prone to get attacked by fungus. Proper intake of potassium and nitrogen gives strength to the grass.
  • 5. Let the fertiliser do its job. Leaves will not restore to their actual condition immediately.
  • 6. Spray a high-quality fungicide all over the lawn. If the fungus has not grown much, then compost tea, baking soda or neem oil can also be sprayed on the lawn.
  • 7. If the condition remains out of hands, then calling some professional help is inevitable to restore the shape of your garden.

Lawn Care Tip according to Melbourne Weather

To be safe and free from any lawn diseases, you must always keep your lawn neat, clean and tidy. Not every day is the same day. Every month of every season demands a different kind of care to keep your healthy germ free. It is extremely necessary to keep your plants grow at the normal pace.
So here are some lawn care tips concerning Melbourne’s Weather.

For Summer Season?

Summer season in Australia is tough to safeguard the health of the lawn properly. You must make sure that lawn is ready to endure heat and high temperature. Here are some hacks to keep your lawn healthy in summers,

  • 1. Use of Wetting Agents: In hot summer days, wetting agents will keep the soil of the garden moist. Otherwise, the land becomes hard and water repellent.
  • 2. Create Deep Rooting System and water it well: To keep the balance of water in the roots and soil, a deep rooting system is highly beneficial. It helps the water to penetrate the soil. Thus water will remain stored for further use by the plant. It also decreases the chances of fungal growth, which may occur in the presence of excess water retention on the surface.
  • 3. Weed Sprays: You must hire some professional gardening services for lawn care, who spray fungicides, insecticides, and weed sprays. It is extremely necessary to keep your lawn away from any disease.
  • 4. Do not Fertilise Your Lawn: During intensely hot days, fertilising your lawn is not recommended, because fertiliser must be penetrated inside the soil through water and must not remain on the surface. So it must be thoroughly washed away from all the grass or leaves.

For Winter Season

In the winter season, keeping your lawn to grow and lush at the normal pace is quite a big task. But surely not impossible. Just follow some simple rules, and you’ll have a healthy and usually growing lawn.

  • 1. Decrease Watering: Less water will keep your lawn away from the fungal disease, and rotting off.
  • 2. Correct Fertilisation: Use high-quality fertilisers before the winter season. Then apply fertilisers again after eight weeks of winter’s commencement. Fertilisers must be loaded with a high value of iron. Do seek some professional help for right fertiliser recommendations. It is imperative to keep your lawn healthy.
  • 3. Winter Weed Spray: Broadleaf weeds grow tremendously in a winter season, while the ability of lawn to combat them decreases. For that matter, spray a good quality winter weed spray before winters.

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